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International Day of Deafblind Persons

June, 27th sets the International Day of Deafblind Persons. To mark this date, I ask you all to deeply reflect on the following phrase:

"We do not want to be part of the unsuccessful stories which are incarcerated in environments poor of stimulation. Let us be part of successful stories." Alex Garcia - Deafblind Person.

The phrase you have just read was written by me - Alex Garcia - in 1997. This phrase has become a landmark, a banner in the fight for the rights of Deafblind people and then supported a hope for better days. In 2001, the phrase illustrated the back cover of the book "Participation and Activity to students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment" which was produced in Wursburg, Germany, as the result of the European Project Impact MDVI, which brought together professionals from eight countries.

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