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Zero Project 2017: Mapping the implementation of the UN CRPD

For the 7th year the Zero Project is conducting its Social Indicator research, mapping the implementation of the UN CRPD in – foreseeably – more than 130 countries in the world! This year we focus especially on employment and vocational education/training.

The research is, for the first time, conducted by addressing exclusively a selected group of umbrella organizations and their members from civil society worldwide who work in the field of disability

We have sent out an Email with the questionnaire to your umbrella organization, too. Your expertise is very important to map the implementation of the UN CRPD on a country-by-country-base and we would be very grateful for your kind support to take some minutes of your valuable time, answering the questions for your respective country.

Please also help us in approaching your member organizations and forwarding the questionnaire to your internal network.

The questionnaire consists of 21 questions that can be easily answered using a traffic light system. Additional comments are very important but not obligatory

Find below the link to the questionnaire in four different languages: English, Spanish, French and German, and respondents can choose one of them. The questionnaire can also be downloaded at

A video-introduction in international sign language can also be found there.

We kindly ask all respondents to complete the questionnaire until 30th September 2016

For more information on the background of the questionnaire and the Zero Project, or for requests of versions in other accessible formats, please check our website or contact directly Mrs Amelie Saupe ( ).

Thank you very much for your support,

The Zero Project Team

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