DPI/AP Reports 2007

CBSHOD in Papua New Guinea


Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare and Dame Carol Kidu flanked by Ormporn Nithayasutthi, the deputy director-general of welfare promotion, protection and empowerment of vulnerable groups in Thailand and Japanese ambassador Kanji Hanagata with participants from the Asia-Pacific Region had officially opening the first Asia-Pacific regional seminar on empowering people with disabilities

This news era brings with it a focus on empowerment and at the heart of empowerment is a society that includes, not excludes

There were 22 participants from 13 countries and 37 participants form Papua NewGuinea included Ms. Sureeporn Yupa DPI-Thailand Representative attended the Sub-Regional Training Seminar Sub-Regional Training Seminar on Capacity Building for Self-help Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (CBSHOD), held from 12-16 February 2007 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, in collaboration with The Ministry of Community Development of Papua New Guinea, Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD), Disabled Peoples' International Asia and Pacific Region (DPI-AP) and Japan Intentional Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Discussion of Women with Disabilities

Resource persons were from DPI/AP, Mr. Shoji Nakanishi, Mr. Setareki Macanawai, Mr. Fredlick Miller, Mr. John Suran , Mr. TopongKulkhanchit and Cathy Ketepa DPI PNG

The seminar focused on:

On the last session of the seminar, participants had a field visit to Pari Village where the first Self-help group for person with disability was formed by Mr. Karoho Donisi in 2002. Besides, the visit to Ela beach also gave an opportunity to those participants to analyze the access to environment which is one of the BMF thematic issues and the beach was promoted to be accessible for all.

During Seminar, Women with disabilities also got together, had an informal discussion and experience sharing. Among the Pacific countries, Women with disabilities are facing.

The group came up with 2 main recommendations

Please download Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea DECLARATION from : http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/Port_Moresby_declaration.doc

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When: 1/3/2007

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