DPI/AP Reports 2010

Report: Follow up Independent Living in Hanoi, Vietnam 21 - 25 December 2009

DPI/AP Mission Team photogroup with Mr. Nghiem Xuan Tue (Former Director, NCCDโ€™s Office) and HILC20 staffs

21 - 25 December 2009 The DPI/AP Mission Team visited Vietnam to followed up and evaluated the development of Independent Livings movement in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The Mission Team participate the Peer Counseling and IL Experiences Workshop organized by Hanoi independent living center for people with disabilities (HILC) on 23 December 2009. The workshop shared IL experience and promote the IL advocacy in Hanoi Vietnam.

Please read full report from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/pdf/IL_Hanoi_10_01_21.pdf

Author: DPI/AP
Language: English
When: 21/1/2010

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