DPI/AP Reports 2010

Visit from new AYAD volunteers

DPIAP was pleased to welcome the new batch of seven AusAid volunteers under the AYAD (Australia Youth Ambassadors for Development) program to our office this week. The volunteers represent the October intake of the AYAD program and will be placed with various agencies and organizations in Thailand for a year as part of a capacity building exchange.

DPIAP held a training workshop for the volunteers which included an introduction to the work that DPIAP does in disability throughout the Asia Pacific region as well as an interactive Disability Equality Training by DPIAP staff.

Feedback from the volunteers was very positive following the presentations with the general feeling being that the work DPIAP was engaged in was extremely important and challenging. Following the presentations, DPIAP staff and the Australian volunteers enjoyed a group lunch and photo session.

Author: Ms Mariam Ali, information support
Language: English
When: 16/11/2010

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