DPI/AP Reports 2012

Riku Virtanen visited DPI/AP office.

On Friday, 9th March, 2012 a young man named Riku Virtanen and his young interpreter Jenni Kallio visited DPI/AP office.

Riku came to Thailand for a conference and he used his opportunity to visit DPI/AP to learn about our mechanism and networks. He wanted to know about the difference between DPO's for and of persons with disabilities as well as information about DPI/AP work. As opposed to this DPI/AP learnt about the situation in Finland and The Threshold Association. We had a discussion about the situation in Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand and Finland. As well as we talked about Human Rights Defender and Disability Activists. Besides we spoke about the difficulties to involve DPOs in the policy mechanisms.

Please download the report from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/Riku_Finland_Visit_DPIAP_20_03_12.doc

Author: Ms. Tina Schaarschmidt, Information Support
Language: English
When: 22/3/2012

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