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Report on Communication on Social Protection in EU Development Cooperation Roundtable Consultation: Asia and Pacific Region Bangkok, 26-27 March, 2012

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The objective of the roundtable was to hear the views of practitioners in partner countries concerning the place of social protection in the European Union’s development cooperation. There was large variation in how participants viewed the scale and scope of social protection. The broadest definition was that social protection should be seen a human right and that countries need to integrate their strategies for social protection with human rights. A corollary was that social justice and equity, rather than growth, needed to be placed centre stage. Other – often implicit – definitions took a narrower, more instrumental perspective. And whatever the definition, questions of how to implement and with what instruments, coverage and funding formed the major part of the discussion.

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Source: Evelyne.Caron@ec.europa.eu

Language: English
When: 5/4/2012

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