DPI/AP Reports 2012

The visitation of Taiwan EDEN Social Welfare Foundation to DPIAP office

Group Photo

6 November 2012 at 10 AM, Disabled Peoples' International Asia Pacific (DPIAP) deeply appreciate to welcome the visitation of Ms. Elim Chan and Ms. Bilan Sung represent from Taiwan EDEN Social Welfare Foundation International Development Division, the visitation, to knowing DPIAP activities in Asia Pacific and Thailand also sharing the EDEN project plan in Thailand.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation started in 1982, to help disabled from all ages in early childhood rehabilitation, adult vocation training, counseling, job-placement, home-care services and etc. With a database of 15,000, more than 2000 of our volunteers has worked on short-term projects in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Philippines, Nepal for the past 7 years. Our international donation has also reached 26 nations in 3 contingents of the world. We now have a staff strength of 1,800 (of which 16% are people with disabilities) to work in 70 service centers across Taiwan. 2012 is our 30th anniversary, and hence, it is our dream to love beyond the borders, to continue our mission in helping the weak and the disabled.

Language: English
When: 9/11/2012

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