ESCAP Statistical Newsletter, 3rd Quarter 2008


ESCAP Participation in the impact assessment of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar

The Post Nargis Joint Assessment (PONJA) was a comprehensive, rapid, joint effort designed to provide the basis for humanitarian and recovery programmes. It was led jointly by the Government of Myanmar, ASEAN (with the support of the ADB and the World Bank), and the UN, with technical support from a range of humanitarian and development partners, including many NGOs...

Trade indicators for evidence-based policy making

In practice, the use of indicators is more focused on tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the results of policies that are already being implemented, rather than for the purpose of policy choice and sequencing or to forecast developments. Nevertheless, the availability of indicators increases transparency and makes policymakers more accountable. Without doubt, evidence-based policymaking contributes towards good governance in policymaking, particularly in an area such as trade policy whose impact always leads to some income-distributional effects...

Interview with Mr Davender Kumar Sikri, Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India

The agenda of the first session of the Committee on Statistics, Bangkok, 15 to 17 December 2008

88th Anniversary of the Statistical System of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Statistics Division Meetings/Training Workshops

SIAP Meetings/Training Workshops

Future regional events

Meetings and training courses of ESCAP Statistics Division and SIAP

Other forthcoming statistical meetings in the ESCAP region

Staff missions

Staff changes


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