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Personal Assistant Service Project in Serbia, through Center for Independent Living Serbia

It is a great pleasure to announce that after five years of implementation the project Personal Assistant Service in Serbia, through Center for Independent Living Serbia, this service continue to live in Jagodina (CIL branch city) from 1st of February 2009, funded by Jagodina Municipality.

Jagodina Municipality adopted Strategic Plan at the end of 2007 and commited itself to realise one of priorities within the next four years โ€“ realisation of Service of Personal Assistants, as one type of support services to Persons with Disability.

According to that and the needs of PWDs Municipality commited funds for five PAs for 2009 which enables continuum for previous five users of service.

It is our hope that this will mean the continuance of long ago started pilot project (2003) of PA Service, that this service will become one of possible supports for Persons with Disability in Serbia.

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By: Center for Independent Living Serbia
When: 7/2/2014

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