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BBC Ouch! disability newsletter - 28 August


A blind theatre director, Maria likes nothing better than to dive head first into "audacious" projects, her latest, Obscurity, being a fine example. She answers 13 Questions.


While others worry about internet addiction and even create clinics to treat it, DB sets out to prove that if you are a disabled person, having an attachment to the net will actually improve your life.


The shady, disability hating character is nothing if not consistent in his discriminating ways. This time, he judges talent show competitors on more than just their singing ability.


On the first anniversary of becoming a wheelchair user, Tom Shakespeare reflects on the 12 life-changing months gone by. He's also thinking of the future and calling us to action.


We are still on the hunt, so if you are about to start at university, or know someone who is, take a look at our blog and pass it on:

Ouch! has a monthly radio talk show that you can listen to online or download onto your MP3 player or phone. The show due to arrive next Thursday features EastEnders new-comer and wheelchair user, David Proud. Check out the archives.

We are constantly amazed and impressed with the incredibly interesting and wide-ranging discussions you continue to post on the message board. If we were to post them all we would be here all day, so here are just a couple.


Network Rail reducing station announcements

Mixed feelings about getting a stairlift at 33.

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The Ouch Talk Show gang is at the FREE disability festival Liberty in London's Trafalgar Square next Saturday afternoon. Watch our live show featuring Mat Fraser, Liz Carr and blind autistic savant pianist Derek Paravicini. And come say hi at our stand.


For parents with substance use disorders, the search for recovery usually comes at the end of a very rough and painful road. By the time a mother or father seeks help, the trust of children and other family members may be lost. Emotional bonds in the household have been severely damaged, if not destroyed. Parents with drug or alcohol addiction are likely to be experiencing guilt, shame, and remorse over the harm done to their families. Yet in spite of all these obstacles, many parents have recovered from substance abuse and managed to rebuild their lives and reestablish trust with their children.

LISTEN: There are two disability related bits to listen back to from Woman's Hour this week. On Wednesday the 26th's programme, what happens to communication when one half of a couple begins to go deaf? This piece features comedian Steve Day.

On today's programme, the Howard League reports on the high suicide rate among women held in secure units, who have mental health problems. The piece isn't on the website yet, but click below to listen to the entire episode on iPlayer.

LISTEN: Peter White interviews mobility impaired fashion designer Betty Jackson. Yeah, she is one of us. You've got 6 days to click and listen to it on the website:

Our very own Mat Fraser appeared in Holby City on Tuesday. There are still a few days left to catch his performance on iPlayer.

So there you have it, your Ouch! variety pack for this week. Told you we'd get you through the weekend. If there is anything you feel we should add to the Newsletter, or if you are interested in taking part in the Ouch! Talk Show quiz, Veg, Veg or Veg, drop us a line on our email address,

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