Women with Disabilities

Women, War, Peace and Displacement


The often-cited statistic that as many as 80 per cent of displaced populations are women and children fails to convey the complete devastation that displacement visits upon women and communities. Leaving homes, property and community behind renders women vulnerable to violence, disease and food scarcity, whether they flee willingly or unwillingly. Internally displaced women face additional dangers as they are often invisible to the international community within the context of violent conflict. Camps for refugees and the internally displaced have been criticized for not addressing womenโ€™s needs and concerns in their design and procedure. Failure to account for womenโ€™s security and health needs can make a camp that was intended to provide refuge a dangerous and deadly place for women and girls. Fortunately, the UN, governments and civil society organizations that serve displaced women are beginning to rise to the challenge of including women and a gender perspective at every stage of policy-making and implementation.

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When: 7/2/2014

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