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ACCESS-IT 2009 publication and further material available for download

It was three years ago that e-ISOTIS and AbilityNet decided that they should do something in order to make people aware of and celebrate how ICT, products and services were serving the lives of people with disabilities, and the elderly, and highlight how users could exploit these tools. Together, we wished to make people believe in the power of Accessible ICT and Assistive Technology by promoting best practice and success, to recognise the efforts made by the ICT and AT Industry, disability community and policy makers in making services and products that are affordable, usable and that address the needs of those with a disability or the elderly. This is where the ACCESS-IT award competition accompanied by related seminars, workshops and demonstrations was born.

In 2009, ACCESS-IT, following the success of the ACCESS-IT Awards Competition in 2008, offered a two day event on Accessibility and Assistive Technology on 22nd and 23rd September 2009 at Microsoft (UK), Victoria, London. More than 200 delegates attended during the two days event. Please visit our website at www.access-it-events.org

For accessing material from the events (e.g. presentations, further info, photos to follow soon), as well as to download our ACCESS-IT 2009 publication from: http://access-it-events.org/docs/Access-IT-2009-publication_v1.0.pdf

Email from: info@access-it-events.org

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