Trainers Toolkit from Armenia on inclusive education

Objectives of the Toolkit

To understand the evolution of the treatment of disabilities in societies and identify harmful historical precedents that have hindered the social represention and participation of people with impairments and restricted or different abilities.

To identify and document model practices and solutions in the area of inclusive education and to support the stakeholders (DPOs, school administrations and teachers, parents, relevant Ministries, etc.) to test mechanisms and strategies that identify the constraints and solutions to successfully mainstream children with disabilities.

To provide recommendations based on lessons learned in order to strengthen the capacity of the stakeholders in Armenia to organize adequate resources and promote programming that supports inclusive education.

To equip trainers with specific tools (best practices, interactive exercises, role games, etc.) applicable for their future training.

Mail from: Frank Mulcahy

Download: PDF: Trainers Toolkit from Armenia on inclusive education (2653 KB)
When: 7/2/2014

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