The Disability Law Handbook

March 4, 2010 โ€“ The National Network of ADA Centers is pleased to announce the release of the new edition of the Disability Law Handbook. Free copies may be downloaded at:

Hard copies can now be purchased for a $5 charge (includes shipping/handling) at:

Or call the ADA Center that serves you at 1.800.949.4232 v/tty to request a copy.

The Disability Law Handbook is a 64-page guide to the basics of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability related laws. Written in an FAQ format, The Disability Law Handbook answers questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA Amendments Act, the Rehabilitation Act, Social Security, the Air Carrier Access Act, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act, and the Fair Housing Act Amendments.

This publication is produced by the Southwest ADA Center, one of the ten National Network of ADA Centers funded by the National Institute on Rehabilitation and Research of the Department of Education, to provide technical assistance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act and other disability-related laws.

Source: The Southwest ADA Center

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By: The Southwest ADA Center
When: 7/2/2014

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