Indonesia to serve as next Asean chair

Asean foreign ministers agreed last night to permit Indonesia to serve as the next Asean chair followed Jakarta's request due to future schedule conflicts.

An informed source told the Nation that Indonesia will replace Brunei as the next Asean chair after Vietnam instead of Brunei. Brunei has also agreed to the request.

Indonesia has a long list of summit meetings in coming years include possibility of hosting G-20 and APEC. According to the Asean rotation, Indonesia will have to chair Asean in 2014, which will also be the same year of the country's presidential election.

The source said that Indonesia wants to be a good chair and next year would be the best time.

At the informal Asean ministerial meeting, Cambodia has reconfirmed that it would be the Asean chair in 2012 as scheduled after Indonesia. The source said that the following year Cambodia will hold a general election.

With Indonesia and Cambodia as assigned Asean chair in 2011, 2012, it would be difficult for Burma to resume the chair in the next two years. Burma skipped its chair in 2005 citing domestic problems.


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When: 7/2/2014

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