Women with Disabilities

Building Livelihoods - Humanitarian Settings - Manual

A "livelihood" refers to the capabilities, assets and strategies that people use to make a living; that is, to earn enough money to support themselves and their families through a variety of economic activities. In refugee and internally displaced person (IDP) contexts, livelihoods cover the range of activities and programs that work toward and enhance self-reliance, including: non-formal education, vocational and skills training programs, income generation activities, food for work programs, apprenticeship placement projects, micro-credit schemes, agriculture programs, business start up programs, seeds and tools projects, animal disbursement projects,self-employment and job placement programs. The goal of any livelihoods strategy is to develop self-reliance.

Please read Women's Refugee Commission Full 378-Page Manual from: http://www.womensrefugeecommission.org/docs/livelihoods_manual.pdf

Source: WUNRN

By: Womenโ€™s Refugee Commission
When: 7/2/2014

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