DPI Korea Newsletter(2010.VOL.01)

Hot Issue

What's need for Implementation of CRPD?

On March 12, "the international symposium for the effective implementation of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(CRPD) in Asia-Pacific Region" was held co-hosted by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and the Expended Committee on Disability Rights Tribunal in Asia & Pacific at Schubert Hall 31st floor, President Hotel. This symposium was the place to discuss from different perspective about what we need to implement effectively CRPD in Asia-Pacific region.

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Activity News

Holding a strategic discussion with Asaka Uho

strategic meeting with Asaka Uho was held at VIP restaurant, Seoul Woman Plaza on March 29. She visited to Korea to participate in the "Seminar to Study Korea Peer Counseling with Asaka Uho" co-hosted by a Korea Federation of Organization of the Disabled and a Disability Women Network. She held a strategic discussion with DPI Korea before the seminar.

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Visiting Yukiko Nakanishi to DPI Korea

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Participating in "International Symposium for Effective Implementation of CRPD in Asia and the Pacific Region"

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Disability Pension is made based on the scenario of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance

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Some articles of the Election Law discriminate against the disabled

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Hot debate on the new concept of โ€˜severe mental retarded personโ€™ in a general revision of Mental Health Act

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When: 7/2/2014

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