Disability News Asia - May 2010

Words+ launched EyePro(TM) system enables users to operate computer simply by looking

LANCASTER, Calif., May 11: Words+, Inc., a leading provider of augmentative communication and assistive technology hardware and software for people with disabilities, announced today that it has launched EyePro(TM), a new product that allows a person to operate an augmentative communication system or computer by simply looking at the screen.

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Uzbekistan to start nationwide anti-polio drive

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan, May 11: Uzbekistan will start mass immunisation against polio this month after an outbreak of the disease in neighbouring Tajikistan, officials in the Central Asian state said Monday.

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Vaccinated children spreading polio in north India

May 11: The answer to why UP and Bihar continue to pose challenge to polio eradication, despite several polio vaccination rounds, appears to lie in vaccinated children themselves.

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Schizophrenia shares genetic links with autism, genome study shows

May 11: Schizophrenia involves some of the same genetic variations as autism and attention deficit disorders, a new whole-genome analysis study has confirmed.

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Tourism for All - CETA International Conference, 27-29 May, Sweden

May 11: Falsterbo, Sweden. 27-29 May 2010. Travel and tourism businesses in Europe are increasingly looking to "accessible tourism" as a way to attract more customers and improve services for everyone.

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Wheelchair lifts for physically disabled people

May 11: With the help of wheelchair lifts, physically disabled persons can access the different parts of their residences or offices rather easily.

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Father creates iPhone application that gives a 'voice' to his disabled daughter

May 10: Ever since his daughter was born with cerebral palsy, Martin Brooks has wished there were an easy way to communicate with her.For years he and his wife have struggled to understand Mia's needs by getting her to look at objects or picture cards.

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Differences in language circuits in the brain linked to dyslexia

Milan, Italy, May 10: Children with dyslexia often struggle with reading, writing, and spelling, despite getting an appropriate education and demonstrating intellectual ability in other areas.

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SUPERFEST 2010: International Disability Film Festival

May 10: From Profound to Profane: Superfest Shines a Spotlight on 13 Remarkable Films in 2-Day Festival Celebrating Disability Culture June 4 & 5 in Berkeley

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Chinese Vice Premier urges more care for disabled people

SHANGHAI, May 10: Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu on Monday called for more efforts to speed up the development of services for disabled people, as well as for society to better take care of disabled people.

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