Design For All Institute of India Newsletter,June 2010 Vol-5, No-6

Publication of our 5th Year sixth issue of June 2010 Vol-5, No-6 i.e. special issue Inclusive Research group of Brunel University, UK and Guest Editor is Dr Hua Dong is in front of your computer screen. Please downloading June 2010 issue from:

Content of June 2010 Vol-5, No-6

  1. Chairmanโ€™s Desk โ€“ Sunil Bhatia
  2. Guest Editor Co-design for inclusion: bridging the gaps between designers and users โ€“Hua Dong
  3. Inclusive Insights
  4. Working with designers โ€“ Chris McGinley Bridging the 'human information' gap between professional designers and those they design for
  5. Working with the public โ€“ Farnaz Nickpour Public engagement with inclusive design: a platform for co-design with people
  6. Working with lay users โ€“ Abdusselam Selami Cifter Defining lay users and their characteristics
  7. Working with older people โ€“ Sonia Wang Stories people tell about themselves and their homes: co-reflection and co-discovery with older users
  8. Working with different disciplines โ€“ Hua Dong A radical collaboration on inclusive data communication
  9. Research Case Studies
  10. Design bugs out in hospitals โ€“ Jo Lakey, Chris McGinely, Farnaz Nickpour and Hua Dong
  11. Countering design exclusion in air travel โ€“ Laura Baird
  12. Cycling for 55+ in London โ€“ Christopher Nicola
  13. Student Design Projects
  14. Pillpunch: an inclusive pill dispenser โ€“ Natalie Vanns
  15. IO: an inclusive internet radio โ€“ Marianne Kernohan
Source and Email from: Dr. Sunil Bhatia, Design For All Institute Of India

When: 7/2/2014

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