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Women inspiring Europe 2011 Calendar

The European Institute for Gender Equality aims to promote gender equality, to fight discrimination based on sex and to raise the awareness of EU citizens of gender issues. With the "Women Inspiring Europe" Calendar, EIGE aims to give visibility and pay homage to some of Europe's most remarkable women, through highlighting their achievements and success stories. Please see the "Women Inspiring Europe" Calendar 2011 here: http://eige.europa.eu/women-inspiring-europe-2011-calendar.

Nominations for the "Women Inspiring Europe" Calendar 2012 are taking place until the 10th of June. You can nominate an inspiring woman by filling in this on-line application form on EIGE's website http://www.eige.europa.eu/women-inspiring-europe.

The nomination should be completed in English, it should include a short biography, contact details and, if possible, a high resolution photo. The short biography is expected to answer the following questions:

  1. How she has managed to break gender stereotypes (i.e. challenging traditional gender roles, producing innovative ideas);
  2. How she has achieved visibility and recognition by way of her actions (locally, nationally or internationally);
  3. How she has contributed to more equality between women and men.
The application can be submitted by an individual (or a single person) or an organisation. If the application is submitted by the nominee herself, a supporting reference from an organisation should be added.

All received nominations will become part of the Institute's "Women Inspiring Europe" resource pool, which contains information about women from all over Europe, who can act as role-models and as a source of inspiration to others. The resource pool is used by EIGE and its stakeholders and partners in search of realistic evidence of success in the form of testimonials, expert or speaker interventions.

Over time as this activity gains momentum, the "Women of Europe" resource pool will become an integral part of the Institute's Resource and Documentation Centre โ€“ pooling the experience and bringing recognition to the achievements of European women. The Institute will obtain clear permission from the nominees before any personal information is published.

Let's work together to find Women Inspiring Europe!

Source: http://eige.europa.eu/women-inspiring-europe-2011-calendar

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