In aid of the challenged students

Through facilitating education for physically challenged students, Siddheswari Boys High School in the capital has taken a step forward to meet the goal of “Education for all” set by the government in 2010.Two ramps and a manual lift have recently been installed at the school in consideration of a student suffering from cerebral palsy.

The student, whose parents have requested anonymity, could not attend school for a month since the beginning of a new session, as the class was shifted one floor up to the first floor of the two-storey building. "We were holding classes on the ground floor for the child since his admission in 2010," said Ismail Hossain Patwary, principal of the school.

However, this year when his class was shifted, the student, who used to attend school in a wheelchair, failed to attend classes.

This was when B-Scan (Bangladeshi System Change Advocacy Network), an organisation that aims to raise awareness about the rights of people with disabilities, came forward with offers of help."My house is near the school and my mother noticed the student," said Salma Mahbub, secretary general of B-Scan. She contacted the school authorities and the child's parents to extend help from the organisation toward addressing the issue.

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By: The Daily Star
When: 12/3/2014

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