One day training workshop titled 'Decent Works' on the eve of International day of persons with disabilities

Association for the Rehabilitation of Challenged People (ARCP), in coordination with PDPO (Pakistan Disabled People Organization, DPI Pakistan), has organized a 'One day training workshop titled 'Decent Works' on the eve of International day of persons with disabilities. The unique feature of the training was not to highlight the problems and issues regarding disabled community, but to adopt strategies for solutions. How decency can improve the quality of life. Leaders and representatives from NGOs and DPOs were invited to participate in that training. Transport was provided to the participants for pick and drop to attend this training. Volunteers were also present to provide ease and comfort to participants.

The sole aim of the training was to give awareness regarding importance of acquiring education and skills. How education and skill make an individual empowered. The leaders were given presentations to show how empowerment, skill, education and training miraculously change the life pattern of an individual with or without disability. The theme of the workshop is to deliver the message that 'decency' is an integral part for success not only for PWDs but also for NGOs and DPOs. One can not lead a meaningful life, until or unless one learns to survive, maintaining his self esteem and dignity. This is impossible to attain without acquiring knowledge and skills.

A brief introduction of each participant was the introductory activity of the workshop. There were four presenters incuding M. Mobin-Uddin, president ARCP and DPI Pakistan (PDPO), Muhammad Qaseem, Incharge Korangi Branch of ARCP, Muhammad Azeem, joint secretary of ARCP and Shazia Yousuf, employee at NADRA.

After introduction, the presenters gave their presentations and shared their views with the participants. M. Mobin- Ud- Din told the participants that how he overcame hurdles and continued his academic career despite all odds. He completed his university degree. But he has always enjoyed unduly support from his family and friends. After completion of his university education, his life pattern totally changed and his education and skills made him empowered. Qaseem also shared his story with the participants. He has also completed his university degree. He got fringe benefits as he had started his job just after his matriculation. His grades and salary were improved when he completed his masters. Azeem gained confidence after completing his intermediate studies. He is in close coordination with the executives in corporate sector and doing his marketing job successfully. He is hopeful for more success after completion of his B.Com. Shazia also got the job after doing computer courses. So, empowerment is closely linked with acquiring education and skills.

After presentations each participant was given an opportunity to share his own personal experiences. Some of the participants were masters, few were graduates, but the majority of the participants include intermediate or matriculates or even middle pass or partially literate. The good thing about most of the participants was their empowerment. They were not only making their life peacefully but some were married and had kids. Only few were jobless or unemployed. But they were the ones, whose family and friends were unable to support them for some unavoidable reasons. They are handicapped for being confined to their homes or even to their rooms.

The participants were given presentations on how living with decency makes the difference in the lives of individuals. The same is true for persons with disability. In order to present the idea, the lives of participants were compared. Presenters did the comparative analysis of the life pattern of the participants. It was observed that some of the participants were dormant and they had compromised with their disability and their circumstances. They are doing nothing valuable and are solely dependant on their family members. They make attempts to seek grants from 'Bait-ul-maal' or from NGOs. They are misfortunate ones and they are completely devoid of any education or skill.

Some of the Participants were proactive and were doing marvelously in their professional and personal lives. They are the ones, who believe on the survival of the fittest. They never compromised with their disability or with their circumstances. They always did beyond their capacity to achieve the impossible.

Now they are leading comparatively prosperous lives and are the bacon of enlightenment for others. They deliver the message that 'efforts never go waste' in every step of their life.

Some of the participants have managed to make a living with small scale business with little support from family or community. They were the ones, who were willing to do a lot but their family was poverty stricken or not interested in assisting them to acquire some education or skill. When they became adults they, on the basis of self efforts, managed to make their living by opening small shops or stalls. Some of them have started their small businesses. They are not that prosperous but they are making a reasonable living in their capacity. These participants were solely empowered despite their lack of education or skill. This proves their dignity and they are also delivering the message of 'decent living'. They are also the exemplary figures for lay man. They have managed their living depending only on their self devotion, self belief and continuous and arduous efforts with endless perseverance. They made it on self-help basis.

So, this is not the time to win favours in the name of disability issue. Each PWD must acquire nobility and decency in his bahaviour and character. Unfortunately the majority of the youth, suffering with any kind of disability, is also facing the discrimination for their illiteracy or lack of skills. Sheer ignorance from family and community has pushed them into the ocean of darkness. They are unable to find a ray of hope. So, the leaders form NGOs and DPOs were invited in the training to deliver the message to their members. Leaders can easily approach the desperate youth and motivate them to start struggle. No matter they are gaining some benefits or not from that struggle. Sometimes one enjoys the fruit of success after years' of struggle. If the hurdles are irremovable, then one needs to find an alternative or a solution for that hurdle. But it is absolutely unwise to compromise or surrender because of that hurdle. So, for 'Decent Living' never give up! This message is also the motto of ARCP!

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By: Association for the Rehabilitation of Challenged People (ARCP)
When: 7/2/2014

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