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Equity and Justice Initiative China: Discrimination on the Dual Grounds of Gender and Psychosocial or Intellectual Disability

Forced abortion imposed on women with a psychosocial or intellectual disability


In China, persons with a psychosocial/intellectual disability are erroneously seen as persons with no capacity. They have almost been robbed of all their basic rights and freedoms by the law. As a result of the discrimination on the dual grounds of gender and psychosocial/intellectual disability, nothing is left for the rights of women with a psychosocial/intellectual disability. Among all infringements of rights, forced abortion, which is conducted without the woman’s consent, is the commonest, most inhumane and illegal form of rights violation.

In spite of a policy regulation that women have to obtain permission from the family planning departments to get an abortion, parents, husbands or even the social care institutions which they attend can obtain the permission with no consent from the woman herself, and then force her to have an abortion. In reality, a woman’s autonomy and free will can be totally disregarded. According to mass media reports, forced abortion mostly happens later than six months after conception. This causes unimaginably torturous suffering.

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Source: Original Chinese draft by Liu Jiajia, Equity and Justice Initiative, Shenzhen,
When: 28/11/2014

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