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The questionnaire to research about access of CRPD

Dear friends and colleagues

DPI Korea has conducted a series of activities related with adoption, ratification, monitoring, and implementation evaluation of the Convention since 2006 when the UN CRPD was introduced.

The UN CRPD was adopted unanimously by 192-members at the UN General Assembly held on December 13, 2006. As of 2015, 151 member countries ratified the CRPD which has the contents of ensuring the rights of persons with disabilities in all areas throughout the total 50 articles related with rights protection of WWDs and children with disabilities, protection of mobility and cultural accessible rights of PWDs, education and health rights, and the rights of labor etc.

Also all state parties of the CRPD ensure full protection of rights and basic freedom of PWDs without any discrimination on the basis of disability as well as should have to submit regular reports to the UN CRPD Committee on how the rights enshrined in the Convention are being implemented through UN secretary general within two years of ratifying the Convention.

This questionnaire will be used as a raw data to develop a common proposal in Asia-Pacific to facilitate practical implementation of the CRPD. Also all the information and answers given from you will be used only for analysis and research, and we promise this questionnaire will not be used for anything other than research purpose.

Thanks for taking your time to give your answer and comment out of your busy schedule. Thank you. The deadline is 20th of November 2015 to

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