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Regarding INTAR 2016

‘Trans-Cultural Dialogues about Mental Health, Extreme states and Alternatives for recovery’

Warm greetings from India.

I am writing now to share with you, all details about a program called 'INTAR India, 2016', in partnership with CBM, IDA, Mariwalla Health Initiative, OSF, etc. I hope you will be excited by these efforts, and will join us in support!

Do share news about INTAR in your networks, particularly with people working in community development, inclusion and mental health

We are also offering learning institutes of 4 days as pre-conference, topics covering Peer support, crisis support, Yoga and Dialogue methods to overcome barriers to inclusion and provide reasonable accommodation to persons with psychosocial disabilities. We hope some members in your Asia networks will be really interested in these topics.

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Look forward to keeping in touch

Warmest regards,


Additional Information

Country: India
Website: N/A
Email: N/A
Phone: N/A
Contact Person: N/A
Source: The International Network Toward Alternatives for Recovery
When: 22/6/2016

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