DPI/AP Reports 2010

Report: Research and Meeting on "Mainstreaming Disability Perspective in ASEAN Strategic Framework" and "The establishment of Jakarta Independent Living center (JILC)" Jakarta, Indonesia 12 - 15 July 2010


  1. to have a courtesy visit to the government focal points and key stakeholders ;
  2. to study the feasibility of establishing and Independent Living center in Jakarta as well as to seek potential persons with disabilities who can be leaders of IL;
  3. to discuss the further networking and collaboration to implement the DPIAP projects related to the new ASEAN Strategies Framework;
  4. to share information related to disability and development

Please read full report from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/Mission_Jakarta_Report_10_07_20.doc

Author: Ms. Saowalak Thongkuay, Mr. Taisuke Miyamoto, Ms. Worapan Buranasilpin
Language: English
When: 28/7/2010

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