DPI/AP Reports 2010

Research and Meeting on "Mainstreaming Disability Perspective in ASEAN Strategic Framework" Manila, Philippines 15 - 19 August 2010

Disabled Peoples' International Asia Pacific (DPI/AP) have a mission to Philippines on 15 - 19 August 2010, to visit and Meeting with Government focal point on disability and key stakeholders Disabled People's Organizations in the Philippines for sharing and information and consultation with stakeholders.


  1. to have courtesy visits to the government focal points and key stakeholders ;
  2. to discuss the further networking and collaboration to implement the DPIAP projects related to the new ASEAN Strategies Framework;
  3. to harmonize a proposal from the Filipino Government with DPI AP's ASEAN project;
  4. to intensively discuss the possibility of national seminar in the Philippines
  5. to share information related to disability and development

Please read full report from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/Mission_Philippines_Report_10_09_15.doc

Language: English
When: 9/10/2010

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