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Speak Out (Quietly) for Bangkok 27 May 2012

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On 27th of May 2012, the big tree group organized the event Speak Out (Quietly) for Bangkok 27 May 2012. This initiative is running under the Quiet Bangkok Group, Big Trees Group, and Bangkok Sabai Walk Project.

The event started with, the team gathering together at Mor Chit BTS sky train station and occupy the sky train with the concept quiet. After the occupy BTS sky traing with quiet finished, the team get out from the sky train at Siam Square station to invite people around siam square area to write down their ideas on improving Siam sidewalks and Bangkok environment on white canvasses). Some volunteers will go around Siam Square, on foot and bicycles, bringing along white canvasses to get people to sign tos show support of campaign. There will be a mock green space in front of I Studio of Digital Gateway to present an alternative to Bkk's miserable sidewalks. Finally, there is the informal discussion on improving quality of life in the city joined by representatives of Chula, disabled people's groups, BMA, Quiet Bangkok Group, etc.

Please read the report from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/Report_Speak_Out_Quietly_Bangkok_12_05_19.doc

Author: Ms. Tina Schaarschmidt, Information Support
Language: English
When: 18/6/2012

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