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UPR8 - Disability-analysis of draft Working Group reports

The 8th Session of the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review took place in Geneva from 3-14 May 2010. Haiti's review was scheduled for the 8th session but was postponed so only 15 countries were reviewed. There were many references to persons with disabilities during the session. This shows an increasing attention to the rights of persons with disabilities during the UPR process, even if a few references were not totally in line with the CRPD, either because of their substance or terminology. Overall, the increase in references reflects a positive trend.

Document file is a disability-analysis of the draft UPR Working Group report for each country that was just reviewed. After each country went through its actual 3-hour review meeting, the three countries forming the 'troika' for that State under review then quickly put together the draft Working Group report on that review. The troika does this with help from the Human Rights Council Secretariat. These draft Working Group reports were then adopted by the whole UPR Working Group two working days after the actual 3-hour review.

The attached analysis of these draft reports shows:

  1. when the States under review mentioned persons with disabilities in their initial presentations during the UPR;
  2. when references were made during the interactive dialogue between the States under review and other States, during the actual review; and,
  3. which recommendations the State under review agreed to accept right away, or to consider, or that they rejected.
The final version of the Working Group reports on each country's UPR will be adopted in the fifteenth session of the Human Rights Council, at which point the States that were reviewed will, in some cases, give more information about which recommendations they are accepting.

Email from: Frank Mulcahy

Download: Word Document: UPR8 - Disability-analysis of draft Working Group reports (169 KB)
When: 7/2/2014

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