Social Forum 2010: Climate change and human rights, 4-6 October 2010

Information note on the Social Forum which took place in Geneva from 4-6 October 2010. The Social Forum is a subsidiary body of the Human Rights Council, and the topic this year was climate change and human rights.

Please download the document from: http://www.dpiap.org/resources/doc/IDA_information_Social_Forum_Climate_change_human_rights_10_10_20.doc

Statement that IDA made at the Social Forum to raise awareness of article 11 of the CRPD as the new standard for the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in emergency situations such as natural disasters.

Please download the document from: http://www.dpiap.org/resources/doc/IDA_Statement_Social_Forum_Climate_change_article_11_CRPD_10_10_20.doc

Source and Email from: Ellen Walker

Human Rights Officer, Intergovernmental Processes, International Disability Alliance Secretariat

By: The International Disability Alliance
When: 7/2/2014

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