Announcement of the New DPI Executive Officers


DPI The World Council Executive election results were announced on the 13 October 2011 of the 8th World Assembly in Durban, South Africa

At this time The New DPI Executive Officers be composed of Chairperson of DPI, Vice-Chair 1 (Human Rights), and Vice-Chair 2 (Development and Under-represented Groups) and other officers in the World Executive.

Here is a list of DPI World Councilors; Official announcement.

The New DPI Executive Officers

DPI Chairperson

Name: Mr. Javed Abidi (Asia/Pacific)

DPI Deputy Chairperson for Human Rights

Name: Mr. Michael Fraser (North America/Caribbean)

DPI Deputy Chairperson for Development and Under-Represented Groups

Name: Ms. Rachel Kachaje (Africa)[/h5]

DPI Secretary, Sรฉcretaire, Secretario:

Name: Mr. Samuel Kabue (Africa)

DPI Information Officer:

Name: Mr. Kalle Konkkolla (Europe)

DPI Treasurer:

Name: Mr. Wilfredo Guzman Jara (Latin America)

Please download the Official document from: http://www.dpiap.org/resources/doc/DPI_New_Executive_Officers_2011-2015_11_11_16.doc

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