Side-events to the fifth session of the Conference of States Parties, 2012: Voices from the Global South resonate at the Civil Society Forum ahead of the Fifth session of the Conference of States Parties on the Convention on the Rights of Persons wit

Side event


Disabled Peoples International

Opening Remarks:

Ms. Judith Heumann, Special Advisor on International Disability Rights, US Department of State


Mr. Shuaib Chalklen, UN Special Rapporteur on Disability


Ms. Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, Coordinator, Office for Disability and Inclusive Development, USAID

Panel (in alphabetical order):

Mr. Coomara Pyaneandee, disabled activist and nominee to the CRPD Committee, Mauritius; Mr. Danlami Basharu, disabled activist and nominee to the CRPD Committee, Nigeria; Mr. Leslie Emmanuel, Regional Development Officer, North America & Caribbean, DPI; Ms. Meenakshi B., National Disability Network, India; Mr. Mohammed Ali Loutfy,Senior Adviser, Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union; Mr. Moosa Salie, Chairperson, World Network of Users & Survivors of Psychiatry; Ms. Saowalak Thongkuay, Regional Development Officer, Asia-Pacific, DPI; and Ms. Venus Ilagan, Secretary General, Rehabilitation International.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the world's population with disabilities live in the Global South. Yet, there seems to be a dearth of leaders from the Global South at the forums that shape disability policies and dynamics worldwide. The side event will discourse on whether we need to consciously make an effort to ensure that we are reaching those people with disabilities who need our interventions the most and strategies to get more and more voices from the South heard.

Please read Press Release from: http://www.dpiap.org/resources/doc/PR_DPI_Side_Event_5th_Conference_State_Parties_CRPD_12_10_04.doc

Source: http://www.un.org/disabilities/default.asp?id=1601

When: 7/2/2014

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