DPI/AP Reports 2011

Report of Thematic workshop on Disability Rights ACSC/APF 7 3-5 May, 2011

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ASEAN Civil Society Conference / ASEAN Peoples' Forum 2011 3 - 5 May 2011, Ciputra Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

ASEAN Regionโ€ workshop on the 2nd day of the ASEAN Civil Society Conference / ASEAN Peopleโ€™s Forum 2011. ASEAN Peoples' Forum and organized a session on Disability with DPI Indonesia. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) decided to select Ms. Sureeporn Yupa, DPIAP member as RR of CSOs to join Interface meeting with the ASEAN Government on 7 May during ASEAN Summit. ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF) is on the topic, ASEAN disability community, gradually increase ownership and partnership to ADF and in being a part of ASEAN community. Nothing about us without us become a core strategy to CSOs work.


Please read the statement from: http://www.dpiap.org/reports/doc/ACSC_APF_Statement_2011_05_06.doc

ASEAN Peoples' Forum Information Documents

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Author: Ms. Saowalak Thongkuay,Mr. Miyamoto Taisuke, Ms. Sureeporn Yupa, Ms. Mariam Ali
Language: English
When: 4/5/2011

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